Mother's Day gift-giving inspiration from extraordinary mothers!

Gwendolyn Heng - April 28, 2022

Author: Layla Osberg

Gifts Moms want from Murchie’s

Need Mother’s Day gift giving inspiration? Look no further because we asked 10 mother figures from our community what their favourite Murchie’s ritual is and there’s a little bit of everything! From coffee to cookies (and of course tea) you’re going to find something that pleases them. Here’s what they had to say:


“Brewing a pot of Storm Watcher to have with a warm scone after a morning in the garden is my idea of the perfect restorative break in the day.”

Marilyn - Auntie Extraordinair/Retired Healthcare Worker


“Making Murchie’s Bold in my new espresso machine with steamed milk, but my favourite is Crème Brûlée flavoured coffee!”

Jennifer - Mom/Healthcare Worker


“A Murchie’s hot chocolate and a chocolate chip walnut biscotti is my favourite afternoon treat after a day of shopping in downtown Victoria.”

Marion - Mom of four/Granny


"I like to drink Victorian Garden especially during the spring time. Monday morning is usually very busy but this flavour make me happy! I really like Murchie’s green-black teas, so if I need to focus, I drink Library Blend. Symphony Blend is another favourite.”

Aki - Mom of 2 boys/Administrative Wizard


“My go to after dinner tea is always Murchie’s Peppermint. I enjoy it, and it’s also the one that my family always asks for after Sunday dinner. If I’m enjoying a quiet afternoon to myself, it’s got to be Traditional Chai.”

Helen - Mom/Grandma 


“I’m not drinking caffeine at the moment, so I’m loving making myself Turmeric Elixir with hot oat milk.”

Anna - Mom/Stylist/Dog Walker


“I find that Murchie’s Earl Grey Cream both wakes me up and calms me at the same time. I never start my day without it.”

Natalie - Earth Mother/Cat Mom. 


“When my husband brings me my Best Ceylon in the morning.”

Cathy - Aunt/Social Worker/Toddler whisperer


Scottish Breakfast in the morning and afternoon will be my favourite foreverrrrr!”

Bella - New Mom

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