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Spring Cleaning 101 With Leftover Tea!

More daylight means we’re noticing all the nooks and crannies that could use some freshening. It feels good at this time of year to give our space some much needed TLC and we’re going to use tea to do it! Click to see how we transformed leftover tea into an awesome cleaning gadget!

Treat Yourself To Murchie's Small Pleasures That'll Get You Through The Day!

One of the most joyful things in life is finding pleasure in small indulgences. Whether it’s offering or receiving, from what we eat and drink to how we decorate our surroundings. These small things can be the key to lifting our spirits. Check out the list of our favourite Murchie's small pleasures!

2021 Tea Traditions To Share With Your Family!

Some of you may have young children or grandchildren now, or maybe new friends with whom to share the holiday magic. Here are a few of our favourite things from the year and our favourite tea cocktail to bring in the New Year!

A Colourful Summer Treat: Blue Jasmine Tea Cocktail

Blue Jasmine Tea CocktailWe're just about halfway through summer but we're not letting patio sipping stop here! This beautiful alcohol-free tea cocktail is made with our Blue Jasmine Tea, a blend of delicate Bai Mudan white tea, fragrant jasmine green tea, and butterfly pea flowers. The layered look of this colourful drink makes it a fun summer treat for all ages!

Summer Drink Idea: Gooseberry Punch Tea Cocktail

Gooseberry PunchWe're keeping the iced tea recipes coming! Gooseberry Punch Tea tastes excellent as an iced tea, but did you know this sweet and tangy fruit infusion tastes excellent in a summer cocktail?