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Spoil Mom With This Unique Pink Lemonade French 75 Cocktail Recipe For Mother's Day!

We believe that if there’s anyone that deserves to be presented with this delicious beverage, it’s mom. Which is why we are tickled pink to share this perfect recipe for our version of a French 75 made with seasonal favourite Pink Lemonade herbal tea.

A Go-To Recipe For Chewy Green Tea Mochi Cake Using Murchie's Green Tea!

Green tea mochi cake is definitely a staple dessert in my household. It's deliciously chewy, not too sweet and has a light, subtle green tea flavour. Plus since they're bite-sized, I don't feel too guilty eating a couple of them after dinner! This simple dessert is quick and easy to whip up to impress any crowd!

Easter Themed Earl Grey Cream Hot Chocolate That'll Have You Asking For Another One!

We already know you love our Earl Grey teas and hot chocolates from Murchie’s - they’ve been best-sellers for generations! So when I was looking for a sweet and creamy treat I was inspired to combine the two favourites into an Easter-themed tea hot chocolate.

Celebrate Spring’s Arrival With A Mouth Wateringly Delicious New Tea AND A New Recipe For Granola!

Cherry Blossom tea would be outstanding as a sweetened iced tea or stirred into a simple highball with a cherry on top, but for now, we just had to share this fun granola recipe with you. It’s simple to make (after a trip to the bulk foods section) and a great new way to consume more healthy green tea! We hope you try it!

Take Dessert To The Next Level With These Warm Vanilla Jasmine Poached Pears

Vanilla Jasmine tea is evocative of springtime with its grassy and floral aroma and the warm sweetness of vanilla - just perfect for this transitional time of year. And just right for this poached pear recipe that I thought to do while browsing the fruit aisle at my local market for inspiration.