Murchie’s is committed to providing our customers with the best quality tea, coffee and gourmet products. We strive to offer delicious products with consistent quality and flavour to deliver on our 130+ year tradition of excellence. If you are not completely satisfied with your online purchase within 30 days of receipt, please contact us at 1-800-663-0400 or email before returning products by mail. If you have any concerns regarding an in-store purchase, please contact the store within 30 days of purchase so we may assist you.

If your shipment is lost, damaged or incorrect we will make every effort to correct it immediately! Please contact us at or 1-800-663-0400. Please visit our Shipping Information page for more specific instructions.

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Some notes about Tea and Coffee:

Tea and coffee are agricultural crops, and go through many stages from growth to processing and blending or roasting, so they may fluctuate slightly from season-to-season and year-to-year. We strive to consistently match our products to their historical flavour profiles and never compromise on quality.

Every tea we blend is tasted before it is packaged in tea bags or sent to customers. This is to ensure the quality and consistency of flavour and aroma over time.

Our coffees are roasted at our production facility in Delta, British Columbia and packaged immediately after roasting to preserve freshness. They are packed in bags with one-way valves: this allows air to escape but not enter, maintaining freshness for a year or more.

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