Tasting Lab

Explore interesting teas, new and old, for a limited time only. These online-only picks can range from small bespoke tea blends, to interesting single-origin lots. Hand-made and hand-chosen by our very own tea taster.

On alternating months, explore a new, hand-crafted tea. See the return of discontinued favourites, century old blends from our blend book, small experimental lots--or a brand new tea that may not even have a name yet! Get a sneak peek on what we're working on behind the scenes.

Only the most beloved will make it to our permanent collection, so take advantage when you have the chance. There's always something new going on behind the scenes in Murchie's tasting lab!

May Release

Poet's Blend

A green-black and oolong blend perfumed with orange blossom and jasmine.

July Release
Coming Soon
A tantalizing green-black blend with tasting notes of toasted grains. Stay tuned for July 2023!

May 2023 sees our first release with Poet's Blend, a tea following Murchie's classic tradition of green-black blending. The addition of oolong allows for a smooth, silky note, and the blend is perfumed with a unique mixture of orange blossom and jasmine.

Read our blog for a little on the history and inspiration that brought this tea about.

Wondering when to check back?

New teas release on the first day of every other month--on the dot! Mark your calendars, and don't forget to check out our blog for each tea's unique story. If you find a tea you've truly fallen in love with--tell us about it! Lasting favourites may go on to join our permanent lineup.

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