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Murchie’s wishes Her Majesty the Queen a particularly special congratulations as we celebrate her Platinum Jubilee year with a new commemorative tea blend. Here at Murchie’s, marking Royal occasions has become a tradition we’re known for. Keep reading to find out the story behind our Jubilee teas. 

The pandemic has thrown a lot into flux the past year, including tea; but after months of shipping delays, our Indian teas are finally here. And they're something special.

Blackberry CocktailThere's nothing we love more in summer than dreaming up fun seasonal recipes for our favourite teas. To be honest, we're actually thinking of tea recipes all year long! But in summer, there's nothing more satisfying and easy to make than a perfect tea cocktail. And one in-hand on a sunny patio? Perfection! We're currently loving these cocktails using a tea from each category, Black, Green, Rooibos and Oolong.

It's Murchie's 125th anniversary year and we believe it is our customers that make us who we are. It's fun taking a look back through the years and thinking about all the stories there must be around a cup of tea.

This no-churn cold brew ice cream is just too good not to share...

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