One of the more difficult aspects of reviving old recipes from our Blend Book, is that styles of tea production have changed over the years. For the particularly old blends, sometimes there's not a perfect analogue in available teas today. This leaves recipes open to interpretation, and can result in a lot of variation.

Happy New Year! Here’s to optimising flavour while keeping things simple in the kitchen with this Earl Grey chocolate mug cake recipe!

For 2023, I was able to bring back and showcase two discontinued blends from recent years. For 2024, I'm continuing that trend with our first tea of the year, but this time going back even further. Hidden in our blend book is a bold, malty, smoky tea that's perfect for fans of smoky Lapsang Souchong, Russian Caravan, Scottish Breakfast, and Storm Watcher.

It's only been just over half a year since the Tasting Lab project launched, and we've sampled four teas so far: two brand new blends, and two returning classics. From that, we've received a lot of feedback and kind words that have helped shape 2024's lineup. I'm looking forward to exploring even older blends (not seen in half a century!), and a couple interesting single-origin sourcings. We'll see where tasting takes us this year!

The holidays are finally here, and what could make things merrier than two unique cocktail recipes up your sleeve? Both for whipping up at the end of a busy day and for serving while hosting.

Murchie’s Christmas Coffee and Mulling Spice Blend make for a *very* cozy combination. The mulling spices are heated and steeped in milk and poured over freshly brewed coffee.
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