Inspiration for tea blends can come from weird places. If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting one of the Murchie's locations in person, you'll find a constant rotation of lattes with interesting names and intriguing flavour combinations. We've had more than one request to be able to bring these teas home. Each latte is made up of a unique blend of several of our teas, so it's a reasonable request.

Our Jane Austen Latte was introduced just a few years back, and is still easily one of our most popular--we receive periodic requests for the recipe from out-of-province Murchie's fans, and the latte itself makes seasonal returns. So it seemed like a fantastic candidate to taste-test as part of the Tasting Lab, and to add to our Big Black Blend Book.

Macerated strawberries in their own syrup gives this patio sipper just the right amount of sweetness.
A box of Murchie’s tea has inspired us to make many meals, including this latest one, Ochazuke. It's a simple and cozy dish to eat with Dad on Father's Day!
Need a quick refreshment? Read our quick refresher on brewing the best iced tea batches or single-serves for the upcoming summer!

Heading from a warm spring to a hot summer, this weather has us looking to refresh our tea cupboard for the coming months. For something as fresh as this season, let’s highlight some favourites from each tea category that we think are a must for a well-stocked selection: black, green-black, green, oolong/puerh and herbal/rooibos.

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