Hop on the Tisane Train. Next Stop: Summer!

AJ Ward - June 9, 2023

Author: Layla Osberg

The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and what we’re craving is changing too: Super refreshing teas to sip on throughout the day. And wouldn’t it be nice if our favourite beverage didn’t interfere with our ever important night’s sleep so that we can make the most of the season? Lucky for us Murchie’s is positively blossoming with delicious caffeine-free infusions for uninterrupted shut-eye that can count toward your 8 cups per day too!

Murchie’s really ups the caffeine-free range in time for summer when we’re thirsty for big batch friendly iced brews. A favourite is Pink Lemonade herbal tea packed with a zesty blend of hibiscus and lemongrass, which are both known to aid in our overall health in numerous ways due to being rich in antioxidants. The mouth-watering fruity quality of Pink Lemonade tea makes it a great substitute for fruit juice, helping to curb sugar cravings.

If it's optimal deckchair dreaming you’re after, take five with Peach Passion fruit tea. This tropical blend of peach, passion fruit, mango, apple and papaya possesses a mouthwatering abundance of fruit flavour that’s an unexpected surprise from your typical herbal tea. Superb served as an iced tea for an alcohol free option at your next barbecue.

It’s been said that we must start preparing for a good night’s sleep first thing in the morning. So, pull open the blinds, let some sunlight in and brew a pot of Murchie’s latest summer sipper Sunrise Yuzu. It’s a blend of apple, cascara, white hibiscus, blackberry leaf, citrus and decorative florals that’s wonderfully zesty.

Murchie’s taps into the trend for functional teas with a wellbeing blend called Nightcap, with butterfly pea flower, red hibiscus, lemongrass and valerian root, promising a restful sleep. Nightcap can be consumed hot while curled up on the sofa with a book before bed, or on ice with a citrus twist as an afternoon patio sipper.

Our go-to iced tea recipes tend to be with black and green teas, and they definitely have their time and place, but if you, like me, could drink a jugful on a hot afternoon, they may not always be the best option if you want to catch your 40 winks. Murchie’s new Iced Tea Duos feature low-caffeine and caffeine free blends that are as pretty as pot-pourri (they’re also a great hostess gift for summer gatherings) and come with brewing instructions. Each duo comes with 2oz/56g of two different teas, for a total of 4oz/113g. An especially gorgeous herbal tea inside the Midnight Bliss Duo is evocatively named Midsummer’s Night, a reviving blend of fruit and herbs that tastes naturally sweet, floral and minty. Soothing, refreshing and hydrating all at once, just as any proper cuppa should be!

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