Nightcap is a blend of soothing herbs, valerian root and fruit pieces for moments of quiet relaxation. Its fruity, tart flavour from the combination of hibiscus, lemon myrtle and lemon grass makes it a welcome alternative to standard sleepytime teas such as chamomile. The butterfly pea and hibiscus flowers in this blend give the brewed liquor a deep purple colour.

Naturally caffeine-free!

For a surprise (and a bit of extra zing), add a squirt of lemon juice. The tisane will turn from purple to pink!

Ingredients: valerian root, butterfly pea, hibiscus, lemon grass, lemon myrtle, apple pieces

Warning: Valerian root is not recommended while pregnant, and should not be combined with alcohol or other drowsiness medication.

Caffeine Caffeine-free
Cup Strength Medium-Strong
Origin Blend
Tea Format Loose Tea
Type Herbal/Rooibos

I can't get past the smell.  Review by  DrD

This may be a miraculous tea for sleep, but it really smells terrible. And the taste is not much better. Just opening the lid of the canister is enough. This is the only Murchies tea that I have not loved. I ended up throwing it away.

Posted on 2023-10-12

Magical!  Review by  ['Teawater']

I was visiting Victoria so I was able to pick this up in person at their store. I absolutely love the tea, def more herby which I like but the color!! So whimsical! It’s like i’m drinking a magical sleep potion! I bet it would look with a little bit of that edible shimmer used in drinks! Would recommend!

Posted on 2023-06-24

not a favourite  Review by  Angela

I have enjoyed other blends with soothing calming qualities but not this one. The deep purple of Nightcap is very pretty in the cup - but while the components may aid in sleep, they lack some distinctive character. I do not suggestion cancelling it, but perhaps add some zing to the herbal mix? I will be experimenting with mine, and would welcome some other suggestions. lemongrass? jasmine flowers? even cinnamon? not sure...

Posted on 2023-06-15

Just need a tea bag version now  Review by  Rose

Camomile stopped working for me some time ago, and few other tea blends really helped me sleep, but this one made a difference. Only problem is that it only comes as a loose tea, which makes it difficult to keep up with my night time routine when I'm in a lot of pain or have a migraine. This tea is wonderful, but I sometimes just don't have the energy or patience to deal with meticulously scooping it evenly so I get a consistent cup.

Posted on 2022-10-03

It works and tastes pretty good  Review by  Heather

I have tried other things before bedtime and was surprised that this worked so well. It reduces my anxiety and helps me with sleep. It also doesn't taste like medicine, just fruity.

Posted on 2021-10-30

Miracle Tea  Review by  ['Rhythm']

It normally takes me a half an hour or longer to fall asleep no matter what I do, and sleepless nights are all to common for me, but this actually works. I have some just before bed, and within a couple minutes of laying down, I'm out. I wish it came in tea bags to make it easier to prepare at night, but loose tea works for now. It terms of flavour, this one was an instant hit in my house, even my roommate who never really liked tea actually said it is really good. It is definitely by favourite.

Posted on 2021-06-21

Best "sleep tea" yet  Review by  ['Insomniac J']

I love this tea. It has become part of my nighttime, pre-bedtime ritual. I have tried many teas designed to promote and/or assist with sleep. This one is the best, in terms of flavour, effectiveness, and cost per serving. And, it's great to support a Canadian company.

Posted on 2021-05-08

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Drip coffee or pour over method: hot water is gradually poured over coffee grounds and slowly drips through

  • Fine to medium grind coffee
  • 1.5 to 2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water
French press: coffee grounds are ‘steeped’ in hot water, and then a filter presses down the grounds, allowing the finished coffee to be poured off
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