10 Favourite Iced Tea Blends for Summer

AJ Ward - June 26, 2023

Author: Layla Osberg

I’ve been collecting lots of beautiful tea blends as the weather’s been warming up, both for cold brewing in a water bottle and kept in the fridge for my own personal enjoyment, and for whipping up a quick brew method in a big pitcher for when guests come by. Today I’m sharing my favourite blends for iced tea right now.

Consider choosing a few from this list to keep your tea cupboard well stocked for any occasion. And keep in mind that there are many different brewing methods, recipes and ways to enjoy them.

  1. Strawberry Shortcake

    Summer fruit black tea is my absolute favourite as iced tea. What I like about Strawberry Shortcake black tea is the vanilla creaminess that adds depth of flavour to the strawberry freshness. It also tastes so good as an iced milk tea.

    Click here for big batch or quick individual iced tea recipes. 

  2. Peach Passion

    If you live somewhere hot, you know the importance of cooling off with a beverage that can multitask. Peach Passion caffeine free fruit tea keeps your taste buds interested ✔️ Can be made simply and quickly ✔️ ️ Tastes like a real treat without any sugar ✔️ Is caffeine-free so can be sipped all day long ✔️ Consider it your go-to when the temperature rises and you need a refreshment stat!

    Click here for a Peach Passion White Sangria recipe.

  3. Orange Spice

    A spiced iced tea is a way to add some intrigue to your standard black iced tea recipe. Try making a pitcher of Orange Spice black iced tea for your next backyard barbecue and serve cups of it with a fresh orange wedge and a Masala Chai Mix and sugar rim.

  4. Nightcap

    If you need convincing as to why Nightcap herbal tea should be in your iced tea rotation this summer, read our blog post on herbal teas here. But here’s another reason: Something magic happens when you add a squeeze of lime and a spoonful of real maple syrup to your cup of iced Nightcap - It tastes just like classic Murchie’s Iced Tea instant tea mix! 

  5. Lemon Black Tea

    A true lemon black iced tea is my favourite of them all. I love it for its simplicity and tart flavour that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. When it comes to brewing a batch for iced tea, it couldn’t be simpler! You don’t even need lemons on hand!

  6. Sugar Maple

    Milk tea is a very popular iced tea. This is my second favourite way to drink iced tea. Why I like Sugar Maple black tea as milk tea is the depth of sweet maple flavour that’s much needed to stand up to the addition of milk. It tastes decadent and satisfyingly rich.

    Click here for a Canadian Milk Tea recipe.

  7. Coconut Cream

    I LOVE brewing Coconut Cream black tea as an iced tea. Coconut adds a fun taste of the tropics and a smoothness that rounds out this black tea blend beautifully. I especially like to accentuate the velvety mouthfeel by adding cream or coconut milk and sweetener.

  8. No. 10 Blend

    There's no shortage of black tea blends available at Murchie’s - and they’re popular for a reason! What I like about No. 10 blend for iced tea is that it’s got the added interest for my taste buds of both jasmine blossom and bergamot. I love that I never get bored of it and that it doesn't even need sugar added to be super enjoyable. It’s such a beautiful green/black blend to have in your mix.

  9. Apricot

    The apricot is the fruit of the summer here in British Columbia. The Okanagan’s unique climate is the ideal growing conditions for apricot trees. Their natural sweetness and refreshing taste are so satisfying on a hot summer’s day. So, we just had to have Apricot black iced tea on the list because it’s simply not summer without it!

  10. Mango Green

    There is always room for a green tea in my cupboard, particularly for brewing a tall glass of iced tea in the summer. Shake it up with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker (or a mason jar with a lid) with a little sweetener for a lightly effervescent version. The shaking also aerates the tea, making for a super smooth beverage.

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