Tips for going Green

Layla Osberg - April 9, 2019

This Earth Day we are thinking of ways to make the day really mean something with some small changes that can be made at home, plus eco friendly uses for leftover tea.

Tip #1 - Reduce plastic, bring along a Tote Bag - At Murchie's we believe it's the little things that elevate the ordinary. Whether you are stocking up on your favourite tea, going to the farmer’s market or carrying your gym shoes, the 125th Anniversary Tote Bag beckons you to get outside and enjoy the little things.

Tip #2 - Take out can be tempting, but all the packaging leaves a bad taste - Make a delicious topping for rice instead. Cooking at home reduces waste especially if you use up every last scrap, including tea leftovers! Delicious Recipe For Leftover Tea Leaves

Tip #3 - Skip that bottle of eye cream, use leftover green tea bags to ease puffy eyes. Make sure to cool the tea bags first before using.

Tip #4 - Mouthwash tends to be sold in giant plastic bottles with a long list of ingredients. Keep things natural by gargling with cooled green tea, like Murchie's Japanese Sencha Supreme and a few drops of tea tree or peppermint oil instead.

Tip #5 - Clean the house with natural ingredients. When harsh chemicals go down the drain, it can contaminate groundwater. Black tea has been used for generations to mop hardwood floors. The tannic acid in tea disinfects and adds shine. Use 5-6 tea bags for 1 litre of boiling water and let steep for 15 minutes.

Tip #6 - Keep used coffee grounds and tea out of the trash - Both are great additions to the garden or compost.

Tip #7 - Don't forget your travel mug!

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