Spring Tea Guide 2023

Breanne Teranishi - March 10, 2023

Author: Layla Osberg

All winter long we’ve kept our spirits bright by staying cosy and indulging cravings for all things rich and comforting. We boiled Chai Masala until fragrant, scooped Murchie’s Hot Chocolate into favourite chunky mugs to our heart’s content and fortified ourselves for chilly morning walks with strongly-brewed Publisher’s Blend. It was a genuinely satisfying way to infuse a little warmth and comfort into the winter season, and still is as we put the kettle on and brace ourselves for a bit of Arctic air rolling through.

As we inch slowly but surely closer to spring, we still seek satisfaction and a sense of comfort in our teatime routine, but we’re also looking to refresh our tea cupboard with healthful and hydrating tasty new tea blends and flavours perfect for the change in season. Consider introducing a tea type that you’ve been meaning to try (Green/Black blends anyone?), venturing into sweetly-flavoured and floral teas for a new tea latte recipe, or adding antioxidant-rich and metabolism-boosting green tea sure to put a spring in your step.

Below you’ll find a cheerful new black tea, some tempting returning favourites and a few lovely floral blends. Enjoy!

Honeybee tea

1. Honeybee (Black Tea)
Nothing says spring like our new honeyed black tea, naturally scented and redolent with pollen.

Strawberry shortcake tea

2. Strawberry Shortcake (Black Tea)
This tea is so good we’ve made it everyday for the past three days as an afternoon tea latte treat.

Cherry Blossom tea

3. Cherry Blossom (Green Tea)
Brew an insulated flask of this delightful green tea that’s perfect for a picnic under the blooms during cherry blossom season.

Ginger Green tea
4. Ginger Green (Green Tea)
A powerfully restorative tea blend that is a real booster during the change in season.
Government Street Blend tea

5. Government Street Blend (Green/Black)
While it isn’t spring weather here yet, we’re sipping this green/black blend in the comfort of home dreaming of a stroll up Government Street in Victoria, BC to visit our flagship store with flower boxes resplendent with yellow daffodils.

Victorian Garden tea

6. Victorian Garden (Green/Black)
A green-black blend bursting with a profusion of flowers and exotic botanicals – perfect for spring mornings!

Earl's Garden tea

7. Earl’s Garden (Green Tea)
This favourite floral forward blend is our green tea version of Earl Grey.

Spring Green tea

8. Spring Green (Green Tea)
Adding green tea to your diet is a great way to optimize health. We especially love this simple tea between meals, as it’s known to boost metabolism.

Lavender Cream tea

9. Lavender Cream (Black Tea)
The perfect tea for a coffee shop style tea latte at home. Simply steep a tablespoon of Lavender Cream in half a mug full of hot water, remove tea and add hot milk and your choice of sweetener.

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