Holiday-wrapping inspiration to make your holiday presents stand out

Michelle Nguyen - Dec. 21, 2021

Holiday Wrapping Inspiration

Author: Layla Osberg

There are just a few more sleeps until Christmas and, not sure about all of you, I’m feeling a little frazzled because the last few weeks have been hectic! Christmas shopping for everyone on the list and getting the home organized for guests has me yearning for a calm and meditative task and a nice, hot cuppa. Have you tried Evergreen yet? Something to help amidst the clutter and rush of these past few weeks that will help one feel like you’ve accomplished something. Gift wrapping can be that peace and calm we’re all looking for. I recommend that time after everyone’s gone to bed, when you can put the kettle on and get a little crafty. For optimal organization make sure you have your wrapping paper, scissors, tape and maybe some stickers and greenery ready to go and set up around your workspace.

This year one of the gifts I’m giving everyone are the 10 tea bag sampler boxes, which are the perfect size to try out the simple steps below. This wrapping technique was shared with me by one of the lovely and creative Murchie’s administrative team members, Aki Tokuhara. Happy holidays, everyone! (I used an 11 x 13 inch paper)

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