Fresh Spring Picks

Winnie Tsang - Feb. 22, 2021

Tea cupboard looking a bit bare after the long winter? Freshen it up with these enticing spring picks!

Blue Jasmine

Delicate White Peony forms a light and sweet base with typical floral and peachy notes while fragrant Jasmine green tea imparts a light scent and flavour.

Earl's Garden

A fresh and floral green tea interpretation of a classic Earl Grey.

Jasmine Extra Choice Pure

A superior Chinese green tea with a rich, fragrant aroma. Fresh picked jasmine flowers are layered with the tea leaves during the drying period.


Our version of Lavender Earl Grey: a delightful blend of pure lavender and quality black teas, with a touch of bergamot citrus.

Lavender Gelato

A rooibos-based Lavender Earl Grey. Creamy, smooth and fragrant, this caffeine-free treat is like a sunny afternoon garden party.

Magnolia Oolong

An exceptional oolong tea layered with magnolia blossoms during withering to produce a light, fragrant brew.

Rose Congou

A classic, scented tea. Fine Congou black tea is withered with beautiful rose petals to create a visual and fragrant masterpiece.

Vanilla Jasmine

A balanced blend of black, green and oolong teas, with an enticing aroma of vanilla, jasmine and magnolia.

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