A very merry Christmas Coffee

Michelle Nguyen - Dec. 9, 2021

Author: Layla Osberg


Make the holidays count this year and make festive with some good friends, good whiskey and seasonal favourite, a bag of Murchie’s Christmas Blend Coffee.

You thought you knew spiked coffee. Sickly sweet, leaving you feeling slightly ill and wanting for more. That’s not this coffee. 

Brew the Christmas Blend Coffee to your liking, use good whiskey, whip your own cream ‘til just pourable and serve with a gorgeous brunch with friends or enjoy fireside after a holiday feast. This drink is sure to warm the cockles.


A Very Merry Christmas Coffee


1.5 oz good whiskey

.5 oz dark amber maple syrup 

6 oz Christmas Blend Coffee 

Freshly whipped cream



  1. Add maple syrup and whiskey to a mug
  2. Fill with brewed coffee
  3. Add a touch of maple syrup to about 3 oz of whipping cream to a cocktail shaker, and shake until stiff but still pourable.
  4. Pour whipped cream over the surface of the drink

Enjoy with brunch or with a pack of Murchie’s Christmas Shortbread Cookies.

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