Mocha Java is great for coffee drinkers that are looking for a bright, fruity, medium roasted coffee, though still simple and mild enough to satisfy most traditional coffee drinkers. A blend of Ethiopian, Mexican and Indonesian Arabica beans, it is a subtle, smooth cup with chocolaty and nutty undertones.

Body Medium Body
Caffeine Caffeinated
Origin Blend
Roast Light-Medium Roast

A Tried & True Original Classic  Review by  ['Krystal ']

I'm also born & raised in Vancouver, and well-remember my weekly trips with Mum to the original Murchie's on Robson when she'd re-stock her supply of Mocha-Java (with just wee addition of some dark French roast - Mum's personal touch!) .. and I would always get a sugar cookie! (hey, I was really young! lol) Later on, I made my own trips for my weekly pound of MJ - and always had friends stopping by for coffee. Even though I switched to mainly tea many years ago, I still cherish my visits to the shops now (for great teas!) .. so I can get that aroma of Murchie's beautifully roasted beans head, or nose-on! The memories that are conjured for me - the dark wood of the old store, the coffee beans, and such a feeling of warmth - I just don't get that from any of the other coffee-roasters the same way. Give the Mocha Java a try - you will discover a great coffee!

Posted on 2022-11-14

Best Coffee Ever at a Reasonable Price  Review by  Johanna

I have been drinking Murchies Mocha Java coffee for more than 40 years. It is the best! Also - this company has kept their prices reasonable for all of these years. In the US - a comparable coffee costs $17 for a 12 oz bag of beans (US dollars) and no company in the US that I have found has the history of Murchies - most are newer companies that have been in business for less than 20 years. Don't waste your time with new and expensive companies when you can get the best from one of the oldest and best coffee companies available!

Posted on 2020-10-06

Some things DO stay the same  Review by  Jamie

In the seventies, my (now) husband and I used to walk from James Bay to the Murchie's shop on Government St. in Victoria every Saturday morning, and wait patiently while shop assistants weighed and bagged our pound of freshly-roasted Mocha Java beans. Today, their MJ blend is just as balanced and delicious (though the shopping experience is quicker and perhaps a bit less personal.) And after travelling and sampling coffees all over the world in the 40 years since, we're confident that Murchie's MJ is still up there with the best.

Posted on 2020-04-22

still ''the one''  Review by  Donalda

Born & raised in Vancouver, I started drinking this coffee in the 70's. I purchased my coffee at the Robson store, down from where I worked. Fast forward, I have been living in Hawaii for many years and have tried what seems like a thousand different coffee blends over the years (including some very good Kona & Ka'u coffee) On a whim I went online last week and found that Murchie's indeed still had Mocha Java and would send it to Hawaii. It arrived quickly, I made a pot yesterday not knowing what to expect. Let me say I almost cried happy tears of joy, it is still ''the one''.

Posted on 2019-07-17

My favourite coffee  Review by  Lucia

This is my favourite coffee and I have tried various brands. This coffee is rich in flavour with a hint of mocha. What a treat to drink this coffee every morning.

Posted on 2018-05-18

THE coffee blend  Review by  Thomas

As the original coffee blend (historically), it is well rounded, naturally sweet, with a hint of cocoa undertones. It is marvelous, and Murchies roasts the best example of the blend because of the crystal clear flavor profile they work hard to keep in the roasting process. As a Chef this is my "go to" coffee for special occasions. Thank you Murchies for your attention to detail, you are the best.....

Posted on 2017-02-25

The Best  Review by  ME

I LOVE this coffee, Save-on only carried it a couple of weeks after I found it. so sad. I usually drink a lot of sugar in my coffee but after finding this one, I realized it was to cover up the bad taste of the coffee. This needs no sweetener. Delicious. I sometimes sneak it into the work big coffee pot. :) Save-on Please bring it back.

Posted on 2016-05-20

Compliments galore!  Review by  Esme

I recently served the mocha java coffee (freshly ground) at a dinner party, and received a number of compliments on how fresh, flavourful, and aromatic the coffee was.

Posted on 2015-12-08

Favorite coffee!  Review by  Digger

Excellent full bodied medium- strong coffee.

Posted on 2014-03-30

Bought this coffee in Victoria.  Review by  Jilly

Best coffee we have tasted. We are always ordering it on line as soon as we are down to the last package. We have others hooked on it also

Posted on 2014-02-04

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Flavour Profile Guide

Tea and coffee tasting is a very individual, multi-dimensional experience: one person’s perfect cup can be too strong or weak, too brisk or watery for the next person. At Murchie’s, we believe that the best tea or coffee is the one that YOU like the best! We use the following flavour profile guides to help compare our teas and coffees within a relative scale.

Tea Strength Ratings

This rating method indicates the strength of flavour each tea has when brewed according to our brewing guide.

Light/Delicate Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee              Light/Delicate: Very light in colour and delicate in flavour
Medium Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee              Medium: Medium-light cup with slightly fuller cup
Medium-Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee              Medium-Strong: Medium-dark cup, medium body, and full flavour without harshness
Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee              Strong: Full body, rich cup, takes milk well
Very Strong Tea | Murchie's Tea & Coffee               Very Strong: Rich, dark cup with very full, strong flavour and briskness

Coffee Ratings

We rate the flavour properties of our coffees along two dimensions: roast and body.

Roast is simply a result of how long and how hot the beans have been roasted, which can be seen in the colour of the finished bean, and typically results in general flavour traits:

Light Roast           More acidity, brightness and a slight pucker
Medium Roast           Slightly richer flavours, some acidity, enhanced creaminess
Dark Roast           Distinctive roasted flavour, sometimes notes of toasted sugar or charcoal

Body is the term used to describe how the brewed coffee feels in your mouth:

Light Body           Easy to drink with little lingering flavour, ‘thin’ or ‘clean’ feeling on the palate
Medium Body           Heavier, creamier mouth-feel with more lingering flavour
Full Body           Rich, full-mouth feeling: hits all of the palate and lingers

Brewing Guide | Murchie's Tea & Coffee

Tea Brewing Guide

Different types of teas should be brewed according to certain times and water temperatures to bring out their best flavours. Use this guide as a starting point, and then experiment until you find the perfect brewing method for your favourite tea.

Based on approximately one level teaspoon (2.5g) of loose tea or one tea bag per 6-8 ounce (180-240ml) cup. For stronger flavour, add more tea. Brewing for longer may increase the strength of the tea, but will likely also cause bitterness.

Brew times shown in minutes.

Coffee Brewing Guide

The simplest methods for brewing coffee are drip coffee, pour over and French press. These guidelines are a starting point; modify the ratio of coffee to water, the grind, and brewing time to your taste. If your coffee is not strong enough, increase the proportion of coffee per cup of water, grind the beans finer, or allow them to brew longer – or any combination of these factors. If your coffee is too strong, simply do the opposite.

Drip coffee or pour over method: hot water is gradually poured over coffee grounds and slowly drips through

  • Fine to medium grind coffee
  • 1.5 to 2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water
French press: coffee grounds are ‘steeped’ in hot water, and then a filter presses down the grounds, allowing the finished coffee to be poured off
  • Coarse grind coffee
  • 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup (e.g. 4-6 tbsp for a 4-cup French press)
  • Pour about 1/3 of the water over the coffee grinds; wait about 30 seconds and then pour in the rest
  • Wait 4-5 minutes, then push down the plunger to separate the grounds from finished coffee, and enjoy!

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