Wander the streets of London with this evocative blend. Through the fog, catch glimpses of grey buildings with traces of decades-old coal smoke, bustling markets with fresh-baked treats, sing-song flower sellers, and galleries of oil paintings.This sweet-smoky-floral blend is sure to intrigue your palate.

Strong enough for the addition of milk – an interesting, less-sweet twist on a London Fog tea latte or Earl Grey Cream.

Ingredients: black tea, lapsang souchong, rose petals, natural and artificial flavour, bergamot oil

Caffeine Caffeinated
Cup Strength Strong
Origin Blend
Tea Format Loose Tea
Type Black

My absolutely favourite!  Review by  Lindsay

While I can't recall how I got hooked on London Afternoon, it has been my go-to for several years now. I was hesitant to try it at first because of the rose petals, but the slight smokiness pairs nicely with the light floral tones and makes a perfect cup to start my morning.

Posted on 2024-04-29

Unexpectedly Delightful  Review by  ['Gabi']

This tea was so unexcepted. I love a good smoky tea, like Russian Caravan, so I decided to branch out to try this. Boy am I glad I did! This tea has just the right amount of smoke and floral notes. Its is lighter than Russian Caravan, but has a more complex flavor profile which I enjoyed immensely. This has quickly become a staple in our household and I admit to hording a stash :)

Posted on 2023-02-22

Chimney soot in a mug...  Review by  Sasha

I have mixed feelings about this tea. I wanted to try it because Murchie's was having a 15% sale on all 'Rose Teas' and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It's VERY smokey. It's well named because it makes you feel like you are drinking a cup of London with the Victorian soot filled air built right in. I didn't like it at first but as I sipped away it grew on me a little. I wouldn't say this is one of my favorites by far but I would say that it's perfect for when you are reading a London period style book like 'Oliver Twist' or 'A Christmas Carol' it does make you feel, taste and smell like you are really there. Will I be buying it again? Most likely no but I'll make this most of it until it's gone. Never be afraid to try something new, even if it ends up not being for you, never stop trying. Happy tea drinking fellow tea lovers ♡

Posted on 2023-02-03

One of my favorites  Review by  Buckey007

After reading all the comments I knew I had to try it for myself since there were such mixed reviews. Am I ever happy I did. What a beautiful tea. This is one of the teas that will always be stocked at my house. Thank you so much Murchie's. You've spoiled me, it's the only tea I purchase.

Posted on 2022-08-13

Questionable  Review by  Victoria

I think this tea would be better without the vanilla which, for my taste, seems to interfere with the general overall flavor.

Posted on 2022-07-22

Unexpected new fave  Review by  ['El']

I never thought I'd enjoy a tea that had smoky and rose notes, sounds like potpourri. Somehow they pull it off perfectly. I drink it with oat or pea milk and it's delicious. I don't taste the bergemont much but that's fine with me. I drink this every morning and it always lifts my day

Posted on 2021-12-04

Unfortunately, Nope for me too  Review by  ['Sabrina']

I was a little concerned when I saw the Lapsong in the ingredients, but want to try it. I have to agree with "Nope by Lisa" - too many competeing flavors. It honestly tastes, to me, like I grabbed some juniper berries out of my yard, crushed them and poured hot water over them. I'm disappointed, this is the only Murchie's tea that I absolutely won't be able to drink (but my mom likes Lapson, I'll send it to her), I actually dumped it out. This is not on Murchie's, as I said, I was concerned when I saw the Lapsong, I don't like smoky tea, but I tried it anyway. So, I would say, if you like smokey teas, this should be fine - I can't taste the bergamot over the smokey flavor. But it's definitely not one I'll ever order again.

Posted on 2021-10-31

My new favourite tea  Review by  LM

I've never tasted anything like this tea. Although the flavours seem like they could be a strange combination, the balance is perfect and they really work together. It's a perfect afternoon pick-me-up and always cheers me up on a bad day. The kind of tea that makes you want to stop for a few minutes and just...appreciate it.

Posted on 2021-10-26

Complex and balanced  Review by  Sherry

I generally don't like bergamot, being one of the rare people who doesn't enjoy Earl Gray, but any "perfumieness" is well balanced by the smokiness of Lapsang. It's truly the best of all worlds--if only Murchies would keep it in stock.

Posted on 2021-06-26

Addictive and elegant  Review by  EV von Fleek

You'll either love or hate this one. It's an elegant blend that's difficult to describe. Since they've been out of this for some time, I've tried to make my own blend of Lapsang Souchong, Earl Grey, Vanilla and Canadian Maple (or maybe it's called Canadian Breakfast). At any rate, my version isn't quite right. I can't wait until this comes back in stock.

Posted on 2021-05-21

Fantastic!  Review by  ['Troy']

Living in HK and Macau for a decade, I discovered and drank Lapsang Souchong as a go-to Saturday morning, Sunday morning, yum-cha regular. After moving to Vancouver in 2015 I discovered this in 2018, a fantastic blend to level out the lapsang, am disappointed we ran out 4 months ago and have not been able to purchase again since.

Posted on 2021-04-17

Nope  Review by  ['Lisa']

I love most of the tea from Murchie's, but this one was a big nope for me. I am in no way opposed to complex flavour profiles, but the flavours in this tea were just an incredibly odd combination. It seemed like they were trying to blend too many strong yet opposing flavours and it just didn't work. The best way I can describe the flavour is musty old lady perfume. I see it got lots of good reviews so maybe I'm the odd one out!

Posted on 2021-04-06

Favorite in our house  Review by  ['limeshot']

My 9 year old and I drink this most afternoons when we come home from school. It's his favorite tea hands down and it's always on my purchasing list when I put in a tea order. Please keep this tea forever!

Posted on 2021-03-22

Amazing!  Review by  ['Helen']

I didn't know what to expect at first but quickly fell in love with this tea. I've always gravitated to smokey teas and can't get enough of this one.

Posted on 2021-03-10

Terrific!  Review by  ['Hattie']

I love this tea! Wonderful aroma and flavour, lovely balance. Make some more, Murchies. I can't bear it that you haven't any available just now.

Posted on 2021-02-09

Unique and nice  Review by  ['LwrightAK']

I was uncertain about this blend, especially after reading the extremely mixed reviews. I find it particularly appealing when I feel like drinking a tea that is a pick-me-up but that also brings unique qualities to a moment of relaxation and mindfulness. It's perfect for an early afternoon work break. The strong but not overwhelming smokiness is moderated by floral input from bergamot & roses. I drink it not overbrewed and with a splash of whole milk.

Posted on 2020-12-06

Game changer!  Review by  ['Tam']

This tea changed the way I think, and drink about tea. It’s so comforting.

Posted on 2020-10-29

3/5  Review by  Kendal

3/5 stars

Posted on 2020-07-31

Yuck...not my cup of tea!  Review by  Rosie

Yuck...sounded so promising...smelt exotic...rose petals, bergamot.....pure yuck...dumped it, double bagged it....try storm watcher..it’s amazing!

Posted on 2020-06-20

My Favorite  Review by  Tamara

Smells like camping; I love it! Doesn't matter where or when I am - brew a cup, close my eyes, breathe deep and I'm somewhere else entirely. Brilliant tea, thank you!

Posted on 2020-05-17

My Go To Cuppa  Review by  Kate

Don't let "smokey" and "rose" scare you away. The balance on this tea is superb and it has become my daily drinker. One of the best teas I've ever had, thanks Murchie's! Please, don't ever stop making it.

Posted on 2020-05-07

Surprise!  Review by  Wes

I was a skeptic when I first saw it at the store. Rose petals? Really? But it is shockingly good! So many aromas and flavors; tea, earl gray, vanilla, lapsang, roses...but each one intertwines with the other and doesn't overwhelm. Reminds me of some of the more complicated teas I have had in Saint Petersburg...

Posted on 2018-02-21

Unexpected   Review by  tleigh

This tea was so unexpected! It's smokey and smooth...and a completely new experience! I was instantly hooked and now I make a daily cold brew to enjoy during the work day. I cannot get enough...plus rose petals...I mean...talk about keeping it classy! I definitely get my "Emily Post" on when I sip this tea...pinkies out!

Posted on 2017-02-28

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Drip coffee or pour over method: hot water is gradually poured over coffee grounds and slowly drips through

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French press: coffee grounds are ‘steeped’ in hot water, and then a filter presses down the grounds, allowing the finished coffee to be poured off
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