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White Tea

It's time to refresh your tea cupboard with mood elevating, fresh flavours of spring! What better way to usher in the season than with our new family of White Teas? White Peony is the literal translation of Bai Mudan, named for the beautiful pale yellow steeped liquid and subtle floral flavour profile. The pluck is the bud and first two leaves which are handled with extreme care throughout processing to keep the bud and two leaf structure intact.

From the base of White Peony find new flavours to enjoy this beautiful tea, like Blue Jasmine, White Chocolate, Champagne Peach and White Chai, all delicately scented for a truly fresh and subtle cup. Check our blog for a delicious Tiki-inspired recipe made with our White Chocolate Tea!

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Blue Jasmine Loose Tea
White Chai Loose Tea
White Chocolate Loose Tea
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White Peony Loose Tea
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